What’s the Deal with Push Notifications?

Now that most of us own a smartphone or a tablet of some sort, we are all pretty much familiar with push notifications. They're the messages that pop up on our screens notifying us of something or reminding us of something. Many apps utilize push notifications to interact with their users and connect with us, and for good reason; according to Localytics, "52% of people enable push in their apps."  (more…)

What’s all the Buzz Surrounding Proximity?

Proximity is a buzz word being heard quite a lot these days, but what exactly is it? Proximity marketing is the distribution of marketing or targeted contented associated with a specific place, or business. Users, who sign up for such a proximity service receive notifications in the specific business location through their handheld device (most likely their mobile device). Thus, proximity enables businesses to reach out to customers at exactly the right moment. (more…)