Smartwatch Focus

Smartwatch Focus

The concept of the smartwatch is nothing new, however, these devices are still in a relatively young phase, with many consumers wondering whether they are mainly reserved for super tech-y consumers. As of now, there exists numerous smartwatch models from various companies: everyone from the startup company Pebble, to well-established companies such as Apple and Samsung are involved.  In addition, with the Apple Watch set to be released this month on the 24th of April, there is lots of hype surrounding this device.

The capabilities of a smartwatch are similar to a smartphone, and the device works in conjunction smartphones in most cases. For example, one of the possibilities with your smartwatch is to pick up a phone call received on your smartphone. There are of course, many other possibilities with the smartwatch, having the capability to show you things such as the weather, track exercise habits, and more. The question is whether this device will actually become a staple in many of our lives. As there are many companies backing this product and investing in it, there must be some appeal to the common public. We asked Net Prowess’ CEO, Hassan Davis, about what he thinks about the smartwatch below.

Do you really think the smart watch concept will catch on, and why or why not?  


I do think so. However, it will take a product that is mainstream, having appeal beyond the geek crowd and early adopters.

To gain wide appeal, such a watch would have to:

  1. Be easy to use
  2. Have appreciable battery life
  3. Be reasonably affordable

Why? A high percentage of interaction with mobile devices is in gaining tidbits of information. As a companion to a mobile device, a smart watch lends itself perfectly to this use case. This also means not having to extract your device from pocket, purse, or other room.