How Long Does It Take for an App to Become Successful?

As incredible as it feels in the hands, I'm eager to get a case for it.
Intro After completing the process of creating an app for a new client, the question often arises, “how long should we give to deem the app a success?"   Success? The first step in determining success is to specify just what success means in the context of your app and business model. Setup some meaningful key performance indicators that are relevant to your organization. Some general examples might include: App Store customer ratings User retention ARPU (average revenue per user). This is the total revenue for the app divided by the number of active users. Cost per user. ...

E-Commerce Expansion into Brick and Mortar

BaubleBar, which was founded in 2011, began its business as an online jewelry retailer. Recently, however, the company announced plans to open its own physical brick ad mortar locations, the first of which will be in Long Island Roosevelt Field Mall in New York. Initially acting solely as an e-commerce company, BaubleBar partnered with both Anthropologie and Nordstrom early last year in 2014. With success selling through these outlets, it makes sense that the company has now decided to open its own physical locations. (more…)

Retail Stores in the Digital Age

As we have reached a digital age, companies and retail stores have had to continuously come up with new ways to satisfy their tech savvy customers. From more and more retail stores adopting a "pick-up in store" option, to stores like Frederick's of Hollywood slowly shifting to a web-only based outlet model, it is clear that today's shoppers are on the look out for convenient, digital ways to shop. (more…)


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Google recently decided to launch an algorithm, favoring sites that are optimized for mobile, in other words "mobile-friendly," in a move that is being coined Mobilegeddon. According to Google, the reason for the move is due to wanting consumers to "find content that's not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens." As we continue to move into a mobile age, where searches are increasingly being made with smartphones, Google's actions aren't surprising. It is the leader in the digital industry after all.   (more…)

What’s the Deal with Push Notifications?

Now that most of us own a smartphone or a tablet of some sort, we are all pretty much familiar with push notifications. They're the messages that pop up on our screens notifying us of something or reminding us of something. Many apps utilize push notifications to interact with their users and connect with us, and for good reason; according to Localytics, "52% of people enable push in their apps."  (more…)

Smartwatch Focus

The concept of the smartwatch is nothing new, however, these devices are still in a relatively young phase, with many consumers wondering whether they are mainly reserved for super tech-y consumers. As of now, there exists numerous smartwatch models from various companies: everyone from the startup company Pebble, to well-established companies such as Apple and Samsung are involved.  In addition, with the Apple Watch set to be released this month on the 24th of April, there is lots of hype surrounding this device. The capabilities of a smartwatch are similar to a smartphone, and t...

Heard of Xiaomi?

You've probably heard the name Xiaomi somewhere in the news or on television. If it doesn't ring a familiar bell, Xiaomi is a Chinese, Beijing based company that has risen to prominence in the past few years.The electronics company is the third largest smartphone distributor in the world, and the top smartphone distributor in China, having recently surpassed Samsung. (more…)